Part-time Data Management Specialist, Florida Virtual Campus, Tallahassee

Report to the manager of Library Systems Technical Support for the Tallahassee Office of the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC). Position is a member of the Library Systems Technical Support work group. Provides quality control to databases used by Florida publicly funded institutions of higher education. Enhances the databases by retrieving and installing files containing student and bibliographic records.

Essential Functions: Search, analyze, manipulate online MARC data within FLVC’s library-management system and OCLC databases. Resolve issues as they are discovered. Use knowledge and judgment to determine if similar records represent unique materials in college/university collections or are duplicates which need to be combined in order to ensure accuracy and consistency and to improve the student-searching experience.  Analyze, validate statistical data and reports to ensure their accuracy prior to publication to statewide college/university libraries by using historical knowledge of Florida’s college/university operations. Data are used by library staff at Florida colleges/universities to make decisions to fund/de-fund annual e-resource subscriptions provided statewide by FLVC and/or individually by their own college/university.  Retrieve and load student and bibliographic records from colleges/universities and external vendors to the FLVC library0-management system databases, working directly with college/university staff to reconcile problems with data as they occur. Monitor the FLVC database activity and use judgment to avoid running cup-intensive loads during high-use periods by running the loads during slower times, evenings and weekends. Search, retrieve, analyze online data as they relate to FLVC’s library-management system from external vendors and normalize the data for inclusion in FLVC’s statistical reporting tools, including Microsoft Excel. Work directly with third-party vendors to reconcile problems with their data when needed. Work collaboratively as a member of the Library Systems Tech Support (TLH) work group. Perform work in support of business processes and projects as assigned. Perform time-sensitive tasks and meet established deadlines; maintain effective communications with appropriate FLVC staff; maintain effective working relationships to ensure success of the business processes and projects. This position requires minimal supervision with weekly updates to supervisor. This employee will not supervisor.

Minimal Qualifications: A high school diploma and three years of any combination of relevant experience, education, and/or certification.

Preferred Qualifications: Education – a bachelor degree in a related field and two years of related library experience. Experience – experience cataloging or organizing library data; experience with MARC data; ability to perform time-sensitive and complex tasks within a dynamic team environment; demonstrated ability to search, retrieve, edit complex bibliographic records; experience using the OCLC database.

Pay/Work Week: $14.37 per hour for an average 25 hours a week.

To Apply: Contact Linda McCarthy, Assistant Director, Library Support and Training, FLVC, 1753 W. Paul Dirac Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32310-3708,, phone 850/9220-6044, fax 850/922-4869.