VB.NET Programmer

Canopy Software is seeking a talented computer programmer at least moderately skilled in using VB.NET and MS SQL Server for a full-time, position with a very reasonable salary and benefits with an immediate start date.

Aptitude and attitude are far more important to us than having “expert” skills, at least at the beginning.  While we will consider anyone qualified for the position, we’d love to know that we’re helping the economy by hiring someone who is currently out of work.  We will give special consideration to these applicants, as well as to veterans.

Canopy Software is primarily a “Software as a Service” company, and we are expanding quickly at this time and we need to grow our technical team.  Our flagship product has a 3 year track record and 2 major clients, and we are on track to double in volume within the next 6 months.

Interested – send email to “eranderee@cci.fsu.edu”