Advisors Champion Transfer Students at NACADA Conference

NACADA Regional photo

Each year, Florida State University accepts 3,000 transfer students. 46% of students who completed a four-year degree at FSU also attended a two-year institution at one time of their academic career.

Transfer students are growing in number.

Reasons for transferring vary: two-year universities are less expensive and often students don’t feel emotionally ready to enter a four-year institution. Though transfer students are a large part of the university population, research is lacking in the area of transfer student engagement area.

CCI advisors took that question and examined what engagement on-campus looks like for a student who hasn’t been on-campus for four years. They presented their findings at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Conference.

In 1965, John Hills discovered that transfer students have a drop in GPA after their first semester at a new institution (source). Known as Transfer Shock, it is often difficult for transfer students to receive accurate information as each college has unique policies and procedures.

In contrast, a study of 20 transfer students in CCI majors showed that 70% saw an increase in GPA, 20% decreased, 5% withdrew and 5% remained consistent. Transfer students flourish at CCI.

Advisors work with students to reach benchmarks to success, such as completing all prerequisite courses, completing an AA, and encouraging engagement on-campus.

As transfer students grow in number, Florida State University and the College of Communication & Information continue to create community and opportunity for students to succeed.