Alumna Nora Bertolaet Returns to Florida State as Digital Content Producer

In addition to being a a self-proclaimed die-hard Nole and nerd who despises mediocrity, Nora Bertolaet (B.S., Mass Media/Communication Studies, ’11) is also the Digital Content Producer at Florida State University.

This position has Bertolaet wearing many different hats, but that suits her perfectly. On any given day, you might find her producing segments for WFSU 88.9 FM, producing webclips for FSU’s YouTube channel or producing and co-hosting the FSU Headlines television show. She enjoys speaking with successful faculty, staff and students at Florida State, always keeping in mind that she wants the audience to be as excited about a given topic as the person associated with that topic is.

She says, “I get to talk with anyone involved on campus about the amazing things that are happening at Florida State University, and then I get to share that with the public. I like to find that connecting piece that will not only intrigue the audience, but capture them.”

Several factors contributed to Bertolaet’s decision to pursue a communication degree at FSU. After seeing many family members pursue careers in education, she realized the importance of communication in teaching and distributing information. Likewise, she possesses a strong respect for the news that was sparked after September 11th.

She explains, “It deeply resonated with me in so many ways, but the greatest was that I watched the news every evening wanting to learn as much as I could. Being part of delivering such important information to the public seemed so gratifying.”

In addition to that, Bertolaet experienced impaired hearing that affected her ability to pronounce certain words as a child, which led to her taking speech classes in elementary school. The experience sparked an interest in how people correspond and socialize.

For Bertolaet, returning to FSU to work as the Digital Content Producer was a no-brainer. While she was an undergraduate student, she worked full-time and didn’t have the time to participate in on-campus organizations. However, it was during a special FSU baseball game that she realized the impressive culture of Florida State University. The baseball team had been at an away game on the day of graduation, so a special graduation ceremony was held for them on the baseball field a week later. The experience taught Bertolaet that Florida State truly is a family. Ever since that game, she’s bled garnet and gold and never looked back.

Bertolaet shares, “While my classes taught me much-needed skills and provided a foundation for me to get a job after college, I see the biggest rewards when I utilize the lessons of being a present, actively-participating member of the ‘family’ I work with.”

In her spare time, Bertolaet enjoys attending CrossFit BlackBox classes, being around water and mountains and trying new foods. She’s unsure of where she’ll be in five years, but she knows that she wants to work in a leadership role to innovatively create paths for success and positive influences on the local, national and global levels.

To learn more about FSU’s Communication program, follow this link. Additionally, be sure to check out FSU’s YouTube channel and the FSU Headlines SoundCloud page. FSU Headlines can be heard on WFSU 88.9 FM at 7:45 am, 9:45 am and 3:00 pm. It can also be seen on WFSU on Fridays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 12:30 pm, as well as on FoxSports Sun Sports on Sundays at 7:00 am and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 am.