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CCI Alumna Tina Chadwick Succeeds as Entrepreneur, Creative Director

Tina Chadwick (B.S. Advertising, ’88) has held several positions in the advertising field since graduating. From working as an intern at Coca-Cola right after graduation to working as the Director of Strategic Integration at Moxie and owning two businesses, Chadwick has employed her highly coveted talents in a variety of ways.

Chadwick recognizes and values the experience and education she received at FSU for the opportunities with which it has provided her.

She explains, “I think the principles of the trade mixed with the internships facilitated by FSU were the perfect combination to launch my career.”

Chadwick has worked as an Account Executive at J. Walter Thompson and a Senior Writer at Brighthouse Atlanta among many other positions. However, her favorite occupation is Creative Director. She was the Associate Creative Director for WestWayne, Creative Director for Exile on Seventh/Siderous Group and Creative Director for MATCH, Inc.

She loves working creatively and working in an environment that encourages open-minded thinking and encouragement to break new ground, and the Creative Director position affords just that.

According to Chadwick, “Creative Director has to be one of the best jobs on the planet – maybe ice cream taster is the only other one that could beat it!”

In addition to her varied corporate positions, Chadwick is also an entrepreneur. She was the owner of Tina Chadwick Copy, Inc. for nearly two years. This business was born when clients requested her consulting services after the agency she had previously been working at closed down. Her other business, bee well wishes, inc., was born in 2007 during her 8-month recovery from brain surgery as “a specialty gift company for those in recovery or simply needing a useful gift of cheer.”

Additionally, Chadwick suggests that students should work to connect school and career.

She says, “What you study in school becomes the foundation you build your career on – even if it’s not in the same field. It’s about how to apply what you learn and even in other areas.”

When she’s not busy applying her cunning creativeness throughout the world of advertising, Chadwick enjoys exercising, rescuing dogs and spending time with her 8 year-old daughter Elizabeth.

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