CCI Alumnus Rob Rogers Recognized in Seminole 100

The College of Communication and Information is proud to have some of our distinguished alumni featured in this year’s Seminole 100. Keep reading to learn more about CCI alumnus Rob Rogers, founder of Hadjo Media, and one of this year’s recipients of the Seminole 100 award.

Rogers graduated from the College of Communication and Information in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts and focus in film studies. After graduation, Rogers worked as a freelancer on film sets, starting as a PA and working his way up to camera operator. Ultimately, his goal was to become a Director of Photography, and this led to the creation of his production company.

Rogers founded Hadjo Media in 1999, wanting to create a reliable resource for production and post-production services after working with IBM Interactive Media in Atlanta. “There is freedom and satisfaction in running your own business,” shares Rogers. He has had the opportunity to work with amazing people within the field, as well as travel the world and collaborate on many projects. “I still catch myself saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m in Sydney, London, NYC, etc. and someone hired me to do what I love to do.’”

While this career path is filled with many exciting moments, managing a team can be challenging. People starting in this field often find it difficult to say no as they want to partake in as many opportunities as possible. Rogers shares, “We all want jobs and we all want to push ourselves, but there has to be clear lines as to what you/your company does.  It’s better to pass on a project than get in over your head and let a client down.”

When offering advice to students, Rogers often stresses the importance of getting involved and seizing opportunities. When students are creating on film sets, in internships, and more, it’s vital to stay focused and interact with those around you as production is all about collaboration and teamwork. Rogers reminds students, “this is a competitive industry, but do not let anyone tell you that you may not make it. If you want to bad enough, you can have a great career in film/television/video.”

For more information on Rogers and Hadjo Media, click here.