CCI Leadership Board Member Spearheads the Lawrence C. Dennis Endowment for Student Success

Headshot of Linda AlexionokA generous lead gift from CCI Leadership Board member Linda Alexionok has led to the creation of the Lawrence C. Dennis Endowment for Student Success.

Linda, along with fellow CCI Leadership Board members, presented the endowment to CCI Dean Emeritus, Lawrence Dennis at the fall leadership board meeting on October 1. Establishing the endowment was the board’s way of expressing their gratitude for Larry’s leadership and his commitment to student success and excellence at the College of Communication and Information.

“While Larry’s list of accomplishments at FSU are significant, I believe that the common thread of all his achievements is his dedication to providing real-world work and service-learning experiences for students,” says Linda. “Dr. Dennis’s commitment to student success is the inspiration for the establishment of this endowment.”

Dr. Dennis stepped down as Dean of the College of Communication and Information on August 9th, 2021, after 17 years of leadership. He remains a faculty member at the School of Information, and is as dedicated as ever to teaching and inspiring his students.

Larry Dennis Photo“The endowment will support CCI undergraduate and graduate students and provide funding for internships, scholarships, leadership opportunities, research opportunities, and other relevant activities and opportunities that enhance the student experience and prepare them for successful careers,” says Mafé Brooks, Director of Development at FSU’s College of Communication and Information. “I am grateful to Linda and our board members for their generosity in honoring Larry’s legacy through this endowment.”

Linda hopes that the endowment will continue to grow and provide more opportunities to support any and all CCI students seeking a paid service-learning opportunity. Many donors have already contributed to the endowment and we are thankful. We’d like to invite you to also make a gift by visiting the endowment’s SPARK page.