COMM alumnus launches social change radio show in Tanzania

FSU COMM alumnus Charles Fleeman
Alumnus Charles Fleeman (right) at launch of social change radio drama in Tanzania

Florida State University School of Communication alumnus Charles Fleeman recently joined a team of wildlife conservationists and dignitaries to launch the radio drama “Temboni” at a grand event on the campus of the College of African Wildlife Management in Mweka, Tanzania.

Fleeman, who received a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication in 2007 at Florida State, is currently pursuing a master’s degree from the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas.

As a part of his studies, Fleeman is required to do an international service project and worked as a fellow in Tanzania for PCI Media Impact, a worldwide leader in entertainment-education initiatives for conservation, health, and human rights.  PCI Media Impact empowers communities worldwide to inspire positive social and environmental change through storytelling and creative communications.

As a PCI Media Impact fellow, Fleeman helped the organization collaborate with The College of African Wildlife Management, Radio Kili FM and The Bushmeat-Free Eastern Africa Network on “Temboni”, an entertainment-education serial drama created to address the issues of poaching and the illegal bushmeat trade in Tanzania and beyond.

Using skills he sharpened at Florida State like communications and marketing, Fleeman performed a variety of roles for the project, including communications about the show and coaching the local partners in the methodology and process of entertainment-education.

“Tanzania is a wonderful place with lots to like, but it’s a developing country still and hard to get people to see or think beyond today and maybe tomorrow,” Fleeman said. “They have a strong work ethic and stick together, but creativity and imagination could be developed more.”

“Temboni” will have a first run of 25 episodes that include talk show segments using phone, text and Internet channels. Each talk show will include a guest who’s an expert on the issues and topics introduced in that week’s episode.