COMM alumnus wins Daytime Emmy Award

steven-rodriguez-300At just 22 years old and only one year after earning his bachelor’s degree, Florida State University School of Communication alumnus Steven Rodriguez can proudly list “Emmy-winner” on his résumé.

Rodriguez, a producer for the Spanish-language morning show “Un Nuevo Dia” which airs on the Telemundo Network, was a part of a team that won the category Outstanding Morning Program in Spanish at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on June 22.

“It felt so good to validate what we’re doing,” Rodriguez said. “Our show started two years ago and we went up against the show that created Spanish morning television – ‘Desperita America,’ which has been on the Univision Network for 17 years.  They were the heavy favorites and expected to win, but it was great that we got the Emmy and validate that our content is better.”

Rodriguez, who majored in media communication studies and minored in Spanish and Hispanic Marketing, got his foot in the door at Telemundo’s version of the “Today Show” as an intern in the summer of 2012. Originally from Miami, he returned to his hometown and Telemundo just two weeks after graduation in May 2013.

“When I was an intern I took advantage of the environment there and learned a little bit of everything,” Rodriguez said.

In his current role, Rodriguez does a little bit of everything, including gathering content, editorial assignments, coordination with the control room on live shots and production of the segment called, “I Saw It”, which talks about items trending on the Internet.

And, he’s at the office at 4 a.m. to prepare for the three-hour show, which airs Monday-Friday a 7 a.m.

“I’m the first one in the building at the network,” Rodriguez said.  “It’s a good feeling to be the one to turn on the computer.  It’s a cool feeling to be the one responsible to be the first one who sees everything in the morning.”

Rodriguez said the skills he learned at the School of Communication like public speaking, how to collaborate and writing effectively have been a key factor in his early career success.

“I learned how to problem solve and be organized,” Rodriguez said.  “It definitely showed me how to write and think outside-the-box.”

During his senior year at Florida State, Rodriguez gained experience as an intern at

WFSU-FM, Tallahassee’s local NPR affiliate station, and the flagship station of the Florida Public Radio Network.

“Through CCI, I definitely had opportunities outside the classroom that I wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Rodriguez said. “I know I couldn’t have gotten to the place I am today without the confidence and experiences I was honored to participate in thanks to the CCI.”