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From Musical Technician to Record Label Manager: Meet iSchool Alum Juan Sanchez


2013 Florida State University Information, Communication and Technology alumnus, Juan Sanchez, is resonating talent in the music business industry in Miami, Florida. The Studio Project Manager & Label Manager at Art House Records develops and runs integrated marketing communication campaigns for some of the most prominent up-and-coming artists in the industry–such as Juan Pablo Vega, and Brika–and oversees the physical and digital distribution of their work and others.

During his years of undergraduate studies, Juan served as a technician at the College of Music where he recorded live performances of students, faculty and guest artists. He also lead work teams, oversaw hall security and maintained and operated stage lighting equipment.

 In August 2013, Sanchez moved to south Florida in pursuit of internship opportunities before graduating in December 2013. Although Sanchez was months away from commencement, he was able to finish the remainder of his curriculum online. Juan’s move proved successful. He was offered an internship from Julio Reyes Copello, owner of Art House Records and one of the top producers in the world, who regularly collaborates with the “Big Three” major label groups, Sony, Universal and Warner.

“I got an internship with Art House in October 2013 and when it ended in December 2013, he [Julio Reyes] told me I couldn’t leave. So I’m here still, with my dream job managing a label and studio projects barely a year out of school,” Sanchez says.

Juan’s work day begins at the studio at 9 a.m., where on a typical day he meets with record executives and A&Rs (artist-label liaisons) from Sony, Universal or Warner and top artists from the US and Latin industry. Some artists stop by just to visit and others record ensembles with over 20 different band members. Sanchez is constantly on the phone, speaking with representatives and managers from New York City, Los Angeles and London for music promotion, publishing and booking. The work day ends typically ends around 10 p.m.

“I get to make sure everyone is cool, and we never double book ourselves,” he admits.

Apart from the primary management role that Juan holds, he also is able to participate in some aspects of production within the records. One of his most prized accomplishments thus far has been contributing to the back-up vocals for one of Ricky Martin’s songs in his new 2015 album, A Quien Quiera Escuchar, in addition to vocally participating in Martin’s latest album, he also served as Studio Coordinator during its record production. Sanchez was significant in helping Juan Pablo Vega earn the ‘Best New Artist’ nomination in the 2014 Latin Grammys by strategizing successful public relations efforts. Juan has also generated a growing media audience for singer-songwriter, Brika, and has yielded over two and a half million plays on major music streaming platforms with recognition from top voices in the music blogging community.

“Right now we’re working on several records and demos, plus we have our Art House artists to manage–Juan Pablo is getting ready for his next tour, Brika has a live performance in South Beach next week, and we’re very close to releasing the debut single of our newest signee BOGART, where I get to orchestrate the release’s distribution and promotion,” Juan explains.