iSchool Graduate Begins Career in Japan

Karen%20Kayir%20010287While Karen Kayir was a student at FSU in the College of Information and Communication, she had a plan. She would earn her Masters degree in Media Studies from the number one school in the nation. She would achieve her certification as a Teacher Librarian before graduation and, in some way, she would include her love for travel within her end-goal.

After graduation in 2012, her journey has taken her around the world. Today, she works for the Department of Screenshot 2014-11-14 11.39.32Defense School System on an American Army base in Camp Zama Japan. “I love being based overseas.  Travel has always been very important to me so having the opportunity to live and work in Japan while still having a meaningful and challenging career was exactly what I was shooting for,” said Kayir.

Karen has practiced her skills in various capacities. She was student teacher at a middle school in Germany, a program coordinator in Colorado, and now a librarian in Japan. Kayir is in her third year as the Information Specialist (Librarian) at Zama American High School. A small school of about 350 students, with a diverse student body. In addition to being the Librarian, she also teaches the Yearbook course and sponsors various clubs and organizations on campus including the Student Council and the Gifted Program.  “Things stay busy,” said Kayir, “but it’s a really fun job!”

Screenshot 2014-11-14 11.37.48When asked, Karen credits some of her success to having graduated from the #1 Library Media Program in the nation, according to the U.S. News & World Report, “Best Graduate Schools,” 2014 edition. “That’s a pretty great statistic to go into interviews with!” said Karen.

In addition to having graduated from a top masters program, Kayir appreciated the versatility in her degree. “I have a School Library focus, my degree is very versatile.  I can work at a wide range of libraries and that was a big part of the draw for me to get a MLIS.”

While Karen is pleased with her current job, she plans to pursue other library jobs in the next three to five years either at the University level or possibly applying with the Library of Congress.