iSchool Participates in ASIS&T Virtual Conference

ASIS&T Conference LogoFSU School of Information (iSchool) faculty and alumni are virtually participating in this year’s 83rd annual ASIS&T conference from October 22 to November 1, 2020. The Association for Information Science and Technology, or ASIS&T, prides itself on being the premier professional association dedicated to putting information science research into practice. Members specialize in various fields, including informational science, computer science, linguistics, librarianship, and more.

The annual ASIS&T conference provides an opportunity for industry professionals to network, collaborate, and educate one another on unique topics related to information sciences. The theme of this year’s conference is “Information for a Sustainable World: Addressing Society’s Grand Challenges.”

Listed below are iSchool faculty and alumni who will present at ASIS&T this year:


Gary Burnett, Professor: “My Favorite Unreliable Source? Information Sharing and Acquisition Through Informal Networks” (Panels & Alternative Events)

Kathleen Burnett, F. William Summers Professor: “EDI and Leadership in Information Science” (EDI)

Melissa Gross & Don Latham, Professors: “Mind the Gap: Exploring Differences Between Librarians’ and Students’ Perceptions of Information Literacy Instruction” (Poster)

Michelle Kazmer, Professor and Associate Dean: “Allyship and Mentorship of Diverse Information Science Faculty” (EDI)


Bradley Wade Bishop (’10, Ph.D. Information Studies): “Data Management” (Short Paper)

Wonchan Choi (’15, Ph.D. Information Studies): “Validating an Extended Typology of Web Credibility Assessment” (Poster)

Aaron Elkins (’14, Ph.D. Information Studies): “Supporting Inclusive Gaming Communities Through Fostering Online-Offline Hybrid Spaces” (Poster)

Amelia Gibson (’13, Ph.D. Information Studies, ’07, M.S. Information Studies): “Prioritizing Marginalized Populations in Information Science” (EDI), “Pulling Back the Curtain on Conducting Social Impact Research” (Panels & Alternative Events)

Kyungwon Koh (’11, Ph.D. Information Studies, ’07 M.S. Information Studies): “Conceptualizing and Studying Information Creation: From Production and Processes to Makers and Making” (Panels & Alternative Events)

Jinxuan Ma (’14, Ph.D. Information Studies): “The Evolution of LIS Research Topics and Methods from 2006 to 2018: A Content Analysis” (Long Paper), “A Cluster Analysis of Data Mining Studies in Library and Information Science from 2006 to 2018” (Poster)

Abigail Philips (’16, Ph.D. Information Studies): “Prioritizing Marginalized Populations in Information Science” (EDI), “Sociotechnical Change Agents: ICTs, Sustainability, and Global Challenges” (Workshop)

Mega Subramaniam (’07, Ph.D. Information Studies): Panels & Alternative Events Co-Chair

Shuheng Wu (’14, Ph.D. Information Studies): “Enhancing Bibliographic Records in Academic Library Catalogs: An Empirical Study” (Poster)