IT Alumnus Named Partner at Deloitte

Information Technology Alumnus Cedric Nabe (B.S. ‘08) was recently promoted to Partner at Deloitte. A lifelong athlete and hard worker, Nabe was eager to reconnect with his alma mater to talk more about his achievement.

“It’s like reaching the Olympics,” said Nabe, who has worked with Deloitte for most of his career. “I’m super excited to have reached the highest level of my company.”

The new position means Nabe will be leading larger teams, bringing in new clients, and achieving greater sales at Deloitte. But success for Nabe is about more than just numbers.

“I want to help bring up the next partners in the company,” he said. “A big part of success is seeing those around you also succeeding. Deloitte is a culture of great people. It doesn’t matter where our people are based – Switzerland, Germany, UK, the United States – we work together.”

Nabe is currently based in Switzerland, where he has previously served as a Director of Risk Advisory at Deloitte, and he credits much of his success to his time as an IT student here at Florida State. He is also the former Chief Information Security Officer of a private bank based in Geneva.

“It turned me into who I am today,” he said. “The experience goes beyond the tradition of academics where you read your book…it really pushes you beyond your limit. It pushes you to be creative and come up with ideas.”

One of those ideas came at the suggestion of his former professor, Ebe Randeree.

“Ebe told me, ‘You’re an athlete and a student. Find a way to combine those two things.’” Nabe did just that when he developed SportLog, a web application to help coaches and athletes improve performance, while he was a runner on FSU’s track and field team.

Randeree remembers Cedric as a student trying to balance sports, classes, training, and college life while not having time to work an internship/job. “Time management was a real struggle for him – learning to combine his passions (sports and IT) allowed him to capitalize on his knowledge of both and showcase his experience to employers,” Randeree said. “Cedric lives his life by giving 110% to everything. This attitude and his ability to continually learn and grow are the keys to his success.”

Regarding success, Nabe had this parting advice for students: “Give yourself a chance to learn. Be hungry for knowledge. Today, for you to be successful in the workforce, you need to be different. What are you bringing to the table that someone else is not?”