COMM Grad, Laura Linthicum breaks mold, makes it big

Laura Linthicum is a freak! She claims that her self-motivated, quirky attitude has gotten her where she is today. On her website she has a video of herself, asking/waiting for job offers while she eats ice cream (eye twitch included). The tag line on her resume reads, “…hire me while I’m still cheap.”

10703234_878022532210402_1804920322_oLinthicum is entertaining, but behind the mask is a hardworker with dedication to her advertising career. She spent a year in Arrowhead Advertising (the award-winning student advertising team at Florida State University‘s School of Communication), where she developed campaigns on a team of FSU ad students lead by Professor Barry Solomon.Soon after, she worked for the Zimmerman Agency until she graduated as a top COMM student last year.

Today she lives in New York, where she works for Lowe Campbell-Ewald NYC, a fresh office, less than a year old. Linthicum is getting the opportunity to work with large brands and campaigns; the Milk Life campaign with Apollo Ohno and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

“I feel like this is an amazing opportunity so early in my career,” says Linthicum “Last week, I visited the New York Times and Warner Brothers for different events and a screening. It’s crazy how much hands-on interaction I’m getting with big names and brands so early on. I think without the experience and the opportunities I was given by being so involved in the Ad program, especially Arrowhead, there’s no way I would be doing this right now.”

Laura says she is doing what she loves to do: brainstorming ideas, writing jokes and “doing weird stuff all day – stuff that gets people’s attention.”