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Lieutenant Junior Grade Anthony Micco Leverages an IT Degree at Sea

Micco 3IT alumnus, Lieutenant Junior Grade Anthony Micco, wrote about his education and career from sea, where he spends his days aboard the USS PREBLE in the United States Navy.

In Fall 2012, Micco graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Florida State and a minor in Naval Sciences from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Micco spent four years in Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) which enabled him to join the Navy as a Naval Officer.

Today, Micco is a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the United State Navy aboard the USS PREBLE, based in the Pacific Ocean. On a daily basis, Micco runs a division responsible for one Chief Petty Officer, two work centers and twelve sailors. As a qualified Surface Warfare Officer (SWO), he also stands two watches as Officer of the Deck daily, ensuring the safe navigation of the ship.

“I joined the Navy because I believe in this country. I love it, and I love what I do.”

USS PREBLE. Photo: MCSN Archer

“There is nothing that compares to being onboard a billion dollar warship in the middle of the Pacific supporting our country’s freedom.”

How does a degree in Information Technology benefit a Naval Officer? Very well, actually. The IT program focuses heavily on both technical and “soft” skills like leadership and communication. Both are essential for Micco in his daily routine, which changes frequently.

“IT at FSU forced me to not only challenge myself with learning a skill, but taught me to work with other individuals, learn how to sell myself as an employee and how to become a leader,” he said.

Leadership came in handy for Micco. As a Surface Warfare Officer, he transitioned directly from college to supervision of 12-30 sailors ranging from ages 18-40. Determined to gain the respect of his fellow sailors, Micco pulled on his experiences from the College of Communication and Information to communicate with his team and grow in his career. Sailors in the Navy can be deployed anywhere from 6-9 months at a time and proper time management is essential to their success.

“My job is great,” he said “Being at sea is tough, but there’s down time to read and work out. That, and the port visits are amazing – I’ve been blessed to be able to experience different cultures and foods.”

In five years,  Micco sees himself married, finishing his second tour at sea and pursuing a Master’s degree. More on the Bachelor’s in Information Technology can be found here.