Media Production students campaign for class project funds via

Florida State University School of Communication students in the Media Production program are utilizing the crowdsourcing website to raise funds for the production of class projects.

Under the leadership of adjunct faculty member Deirdre Morales, 20 students in the Advanced Narrative course have a goal of raising $8,000 to produce seven short films. The campaign runs through April 9.

“I try to teach the class in as much of a real world scenario as possible,” Morales said.  “I told them they could do whatever they want if they plan for it.  You create your own opportunities.  One way to make these films better is through these types of campaigns because there is more support out there than you think.”

The films will be approximately 10-15 minutes in length, cover a wide range of genres, and will be funded entirely by the students themselves or donations they receive on  The films will not receive funding from the university.

Donations received will be split between the four production groups in order to purchase props, pay for distribution costs and application fees to film festivals, hiring actors, transportation and lodging for the cast, and food for the cast and crew.

Contributors will receive unique incentives in return for their donations, including personalized mementos from each of the films, personalized messages from the crew and a chance to see their name in the credits.

The project is more than just a grade for these students.  It is a change for them to make their first major footprint in the world of film.

“The goal of the project is for the students to be able to promote themselves, whether it is at festivals or competitions, or to enhance their portfolio of work,” Morales said.

Films from the class will be screened on May 1 at the FSU Askew Student Life Center.

Donations are welcome in any amount.  If you cannot donate, please share on social media in order to help the class reach its goal.

Those interested in donating to this cause should visit: