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Meet COMM Alumna & Netflix Social Media Guru: Celeste Eberhardt

Celeste Eberhardt wakes up and delivers award-winning advertising campaigns. Well, maybe after she eats breakfast. Since graduating from Florida State with two degrees, she’s taken the interactive marketing world by storm, working in New York City, Argentina and now in Los Angeles at Netflix as a Social Media Manager.

Working towards her B.A. in Public Relations, Celeste worked as a Sports & News Anchor for WVFS 89, a volunteer run radio station through the College of Communication and Information. It was the first of many internships for Celeste along the way, who went on to intern as a Staff Writer for FSView/Florida Flambeau, a Marketing Intern for Capital Medical Society, an Account Planning Intern for Zubi Advertising and a Marketing Materials Designer for GOAL Project.

“My first advertising experience was an internship with Zubi Advertising in Miami,” Celeste said. “That really set the tone and I decided to pursue a job in an agency upon graduation.”

One element of her education played an instrumental role in her career, her emphasis in Hispanic Marketing. Under the supervision of Dr. Felipe Korzenny, the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication is the first of it’s kind in the United States. The program teaches students how to address diverse markets, demographics, consumer insights and behavior. During her graduate studies in the Integrated Marketing Communication program, she completed a Hispanic demographics and psychographics paper on social media, Hispanic Cultural Themes & Marketing Insights from Recent Popular Latin Music.

“The best thing for me was finding inspiration and motivation from my professors,” Celeste said. “Books and exams are good but the most important and beneficial experience I had at FSU was joining the Hispanic Marketing Research Center and collaborating with classmates and teachers to do work that inspired me and eventually opened doors. The support from teachers like Dr. Felipe and Betty Anne Korzenny and Dr Heald made all the difference in approaching my career development with genuine interest and optimism.”

The program was an obvious choice for the trilingual student who served as a business translator during international trade fair. Celeste put her hispanic market knowledge into play with Dieste Harmel & Partners, working as a Strategic Planning Intern she researched trends from the urban, youth and Hispanic markets for clients. She later took an internship as a Production Intern with R/GA, a move that would turn into a job she kept for five years.

R/GA, an international advertising agency, is headquartered in New York, where Celeste worked for three years before moving to her home country of Argentina. At R/GA, Celeste worked as a Producer on accounts like Samsung, Nike and Netflix. Her work on the Netflix account, social media strategy and creative execution for Latin America didn’t go unnoticed.

When Celeste returned to the United States and ceased working with the RG/A team who worked on the Netflix account, there was an opening for a position with Netflix where she works today as a Social Media Manager.

Two continents, two degrees, two great companies – Celeste has had a great ride since leaving Florida State University. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the education she received that set the course for her career.