Meet iSchool Alumna: Sheena O’Connors

SheenaOConnorsSheena O’Connors started at FSU in the Fall of 2004.  The IT program was in its infancy then and Sheena was happy to be among the first graduates of the program.

Today, Sheena is a full fledged IT woman and project manager for Black Knight Financial Services. There she exhibits the ability to problem solve and manage teams, frequently taking on projects that have gone on too long and getting them back on track. “I enjoy analyzing the project and being a contributor to its success,” says Sheena. Sheena also enjoys being the person to clear obstacles to move projects along.

Sheena discovered her passion for project management in her Business Communications class and her capstone classes. She started out as a technical support agent, and used each job as a stepping-stone to what she really wanted to do. “As a Project Manager at a large financial company, I’m able to apply the knowledge from FSU and my prior jobs to my daily job.” Still, the ten -year veteran of the IT industry continues to learn more everyday.

In addition to her contributions to the IT world, Sheena is a military brat, a runner, and a social chameleon. As a young person, living a military lifestyle, she moved to various states and learned to adapt quickly to new environments. While working on both her bachelors degree in information technology, she supported herself by working sales and clerical jobs. “I feel these experiences that have helped build the foundation for hard working and multitasking skills.”

Sheena, the runner, recently finished her first marathon (26.2 miles) with plans to complete Disney’s Goofy Challenge this January. The Goofy challenge is a half and full marathon in 24 hours.

Years of experience, equips Sheena to offer advice to students: “Enjoy your time, learn all you can and apply as much of it as you can,” she said.