SCOM Alumna Ginette Grey Receives Fellowship

School of Communication (SCOM) alumna Ginette Grey was recently awarded a fellowship from the New Leaders Council (NLC) institute experience.

“There is something special about being a part of a larger network, being that NLC is nationwide. I chose to apply to NLC out of my own desires to grow and learn, which is very empowering,” Grey said.

NLC’s mission is to develop, connect, and uplift inclusive, cross-sector leaders who transform the country through social and political change rooted in equity. NLC views leadership as a collaborative process, where individuals share their unique skills and expertise to solve problems together.

This fellowship stuck out to Grey because of the “pay it forward” model of the program. “The format is one that doesn’t exclude groundbreaking leaders who otherwise may not have an opportunity to participate in a leadership development program,” Grey said. “NLC fellows also have individual capstone projects, meaning there are multiple ways we are engaging in social good and positively impacting our communities.”

Grey wants to utilize this fellowship to challenge herself and expand her network in order to engage in purpose-driven work on a larger scale. One of her major takeaways will be her capstone project.

“I plan to write and publish a children’s book that can be used to help young children navigate transition and loss through the lens of a little boy’s pet,” Grey said.

Grey plans to use her communication background to pivot into a career of corporate citizenship and social responsibility, ultimately telling the stories of how companies are giving back by being sustainable, ethical, and addressing economic justice.

“I have such a servant heart that my career can’t stray too far from doing good on this earth,” Grey said.