SCOM Alumna Kate Hamill Named President’s Award Winner

School of Communication alumna Kate Hamill (B.S. ‘18) recently received the 2023 Insight Global President’s Award for its health division, the highest divisional award given out annually by Insight Global.

Hamill was chosen because she helped execute one of the largest staffing projects of the year at Insight Global, a company that has over 70 office locations. As an account executive, she connects hiring managers with open positions to candidates that fit each role as well as oversees major accounts including their Walgreens account.

Hamill shared that the Public Relations program focuses on putting students in real-life situations. She expressed gratitude to Dr. Patrick Merle and Professor Ebe Randeree for the skills she honed in each of their classes, leadership being one.

In college, Hamill set her sights on law school, and on the day she decided not to pursue the venture anymore, she interviewed on campus for a position at her current company. When asked how she ended up in sales with a public relations background, she said “It’s all based on relationships.” She expressed her passion for interacting with people and problem-solving. These traits are easily associated with public relations, “and that’s also what I do in my role with sales.” 

Hamill’s advice to current students is to be yourself. “I thought I had to say everything perfect all the time, and there was no room for me to just be Kate Hamill but that’s the reason why you form such great relationships and why your clients like you, because of you.” 

Hamill has been at Insight Global for almost six years. When asked about her future career aspirations, she told the College of Communication and Information she saw herself growing with the company long-term.