SCOM Alumna Named Director of Operations for Baseball for the Naval Academy Athletic Association

School of Communication alumna Courtney Caswell (B.S. ‘19) was named Director of Operations for Baseball for the Naval Academy Athletic Association.

Caswell’s adoration for baseball goes way back. She grew up in Tallahassee and got to learn from her grandmother, who was a dedicated baseball fan for over 25 years. As they shared their love for the game, she was drawn to a career in baseball by its combination of competition and the importance of interpersonal relationships.

After she graduated from Florida State University (FSU), Caswell took on the role of Alumni Relations and Fundraising Assistant at FSU, where she handled communication with former players and assisted Seminole Boosters with program needs and donor relations. This experience helped her prepare for her current role, where she focuses on supporting the team through scheduling, travel, accommodations, recruiting, and program development.

When reflecting on her time as an FSU student, Caswell often finds herself applying communication theories she learned in her Interpersonal Communication and Interracial/ Intercultural Communication courses to her work. She expressed that adjusting her communication style to fit each coach, student-athlete, and prospects she works with is crucial.

“Tallahassee and FSU will ultimately always be my home base. More than anything, I will miss touring the campus and Dick Howser Stadium with donors and potential student-athletes,” said Caswell. “It was a joy to watch so many eyes light up as they felt the tradition and community that exists at FSU for the first time! The ability to play a small role in the development of student-athletes through academic and athletic support brings me excitement each and every day.”

Caswell also completed her Master’s in Sport Management in 2021 at FSU.