SCOM Alumnus Paul Weaver Receives Certificate in Fundraising Management

School of Communication alumnus Paul Weaver (MCS ’87) recently completed the coursework to receive a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. This certificate recognizes and substantiates a commitment to fundraising leadership.

Paul Weaver

Weaver was motivated to better understand why people donate and how to help others receive the benefits that he has enjoyed by donating to worthwhile causes.

“I made my living in profit-driven businesses but understood that it was non-profit organizations — schools, hospitals, churches, charities — that make life for me, my family and my community so much richer,” Weaver says.

Weaver is a member of the CCI Leadership Board at FSU and hopes to use what he has learned to show more CCI alumni the importance in giving back to the College. Donations allow the College to thrive by forming a community and making a difference for young people through the large impact of these donations and proves that having a CCI degree is valuable.

It is important to Weaver to stay connected to the College and fellow donors. “The amount of a donation isn’t the main point for me. Rather, it’s that an alum recognizes that supporting FSU is the right thing to do,” Weaver says. “The bottom line is that we can each be part of making a difference through CCI. Support our college – you’ll be glad you did.”

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