Seminole Productions Alumna Takes Talent to Philadelphia Eagles

While attending sporting events, few fans stop to think about what really creates the exciting atmosphere they experience. Sure, games can be fun to watch, but what if there was no music in the stadium? What if the big screens displayed a simple canvas with just the score? What if there were no bright signs encouraging the audience to “Stand up and shout!” when the team really needed some encouragement? Without the on-screen fun, games would be pretty boring, right? That fun atmosphere that makes sporting events exciting is what Alessandra Lane (’16 B.A. Digital Media Production) spends her days creating.

As a new Content Producer for the Philadelphia Eagles, Lane produces all the in-stadium video board content for home games. “A typical day for me involves studying media and graphic trends, brainstorming new ideas, reviewing previous content and figuring out how to incorporate both old and new ideas to create a show that entertains a variety of fans. At any given point, I could be editing videos, picking music, or coming up with fun games for the audience so that our show is the most entertaining and innovative in the NFL. I’m able to be creative and embrace some of my favorite hobbies while at work, which is a dream come true,” she explains.

Even Lane herself used to enjoy sporting events without giving much thought to who was running the show behind-the-scenes. “It’s not a job that I thought even existed, but when you think on it, someone has to be behind the scenes and now I am one of the lucky few that get this experience,” she says.

Lane, who grew up in show business as a dancer in South Florida, always thought she would spend her career working out west. “I actually stumbled into this career by getting into the Digital Media Production major in the School of Communication. Originally, I had been set on a career in Hollywood working on movies, however when I came to Florida State and started volunteering at Seminole Productions, it occurred to me that I could make my love of production and my interest in sports into a career,” she says.

After volunteering with Seminole Productions for a year, Lane was accepted into her major and began to expand her skills even more. After graduation, Lane accepted a position with Seminole Productions as a full-time producer. She spent the next three years learning, experimenting, and growing. “The opportunity to learn from some of the original pioneers and leaders in this industry was priceless and has allowed me to have the success that I currently have. They put a lot of trust in their students to run high-end broadcasts for our network partners, leaving us with experiences that many people can only hope to get. It made breaking into this industry a breeze and prepared me for the next steps after Florida State,” she says about working with the Seminole Productions team.

In her new role, Lane is able to use her skills to create game-day experiences for even more fans. “My favorite part about my job is the opportunity to provide fans an entertaining experience during a game day. I love putting on a show and engaging fans through creative video, music, and other various sports broadcasting elements. We spend the entire offseason planning to make gameday the best experience for all fans, so seeing that come to fruition and taking the audience through a range of emotions is the best feeling,” she explains.

Lane is excited to make the most out of her time with the Eagles by continuing to challenge herself to grow in her career and step up to the expectations that come with working in professional sports. On a long-term scale, the thought of returning to the idea of working in Hollywood still excites her. One day she hopes to take on live shows such as The Voice or World of Dance. “I think that working on performance-based shows would bring my original love of dance and my live events training full circle,” she says.

Next time you attend a live event, take a second to look around and appreciate the hidden production team working tirelessly to keep you entertained. They do more than you may realize!