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TaRhonda Harvey Mixes Passion and IT with Kolmio Global


IMG_0248Technology was rapidly changing when TaRhonda Harvey made the decision to get into Information Technology. It was during the era when beepers were disappearing and cell phones were becoming the new norm. The male-dominated field didn’t phase TaRhonda and today, she helps businesses build their brand and website through her company, Kolmio Global, LLC.

Since graduating with her Information Technology degree in 2002, TaRhonda has become a Six Sigma Yellow Belt, A+ Certified, Network+ Certified, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and continues to educate herself in various applications and explore technology’s use in industry sectors. In 2006, she graduated from Nova Southeastern University with her Master of Science in Business Management.

TaRhonda says it was her education at Florida State that provided her the foundation for the real world. She credits her professors and mentors with preparing her for the IT field.

“I had professors that took the content within the school books and applied it to real world scenarios.”

Kolmio Global started in 2008 as a passion. TaRhonda combined her love of IT with her drive to help others succeed. Based out of West Palm Beach, Kolmio Global offers full service brand development, web design and business consultation.

“I love helping others build their businesses and their brand,” she shared. “I find it to be an honor that someone wants my company to take their business idea and make it a reality.”

Although time has passed, TaRhonda’s friendships with fellow Seminoles haven’t faded.

“Having support of fellow alums that have inspired me and cheered me on since I graduated, is amazing,” she said. “It means a lot when you have individuals say to you, “Please let me know if I can help you in any way”, or “You are doing a great job.” Knowing that you are not alone helps you vastly in any level of your career.”