COMM students develop PSA campaigns for the Florida Center for Prevention Research

Students in the School of Communication’s Advertising Creative Strategy courses are creating projects this spring semester for the FSU Florida Center for Prevention Research.  They are working with the Center’s director, Richard L. Howell, to develop public service announcement (PSA) advertising campaigns.

Students in one course section will create a campaign aimed towards reducing high-risk drinking and the other will advocate against sexual violence.  These two class sections are taught by Dr. Jaejin Lee on the FSU campus.

Lee said “We are excited the students are able to learn about how to implement creative ad strategies with an actual client and that the work from their projects is supporting good causes. They will also gain great real-world experience so this is a very exciting opportunity!”

The students’ final project presentations will be created by collaborating with directors from this Center and contacts from an in-house advertising agency.  The classes welcome input from other students and faculty members who are invited to attend when they present their campaigns.  The first section’s presentation will take place on Tues., Apr. 23, in University Center D (room 1103) with campaigns aimed to reduce high-risk drinking habits. The second course section on Wed., Apr. 24, in University Center B (meeting room on the 5th floor) will present campaigns advocating against sexual violence.  Both presentation days are from 2-4:30 p.m. 

Best ideas will be selected from each section’s winning work and applied towards a 2013 anti-binge drinking campaign and anti-sexual violence campaign that will be promoted on FSU’s main campus in Tallahassee, FL.

The Florida Center for Prevention Research was created to provide innovative research, education, training, and technological solutions to address the challenges of substance abuse prevention and other social issues among Florida’s population.  Read more information about the Center at their website.

ADV3001- Section 01
Section 01- Creative Strategy Course (ADV3001)
ADV3001- Section 02
Section 02- Creative Strategy Course (ADV3001)