SCOM Professors and Students to Present at Annual NCA Convention

Written by Nikki Cohen and Elle Schutte

This week, professors and doctoral students from FSU’s School of Communication will present at the National Communication Association’s (NCA) 108th Annual Convention. NCA is a non-profit organization devoted to enriching accessible and ethical communication. This year’s conference will take place November 17-20 in New Orleans and will highlight the theme of “Honoring Place: People, Liberation, Advocacy, Community and Environment.”


Anne Rivera – Author

“Colorism and Film: A Content Analysis of Films Released During the 2010s-Decade”


Arienne Ferchaud – Author

Anne Rivera – Co-author

“Theorizing Virtual Moral Reasoning: A Layered Approach”


Russell Clayton – Author

Compton, J., Reynolds-Tylus, T., Neumman, D., Sarra, E.(u), Deshmukh, S.(u), Park, J.(d), Biangel, R.(m), Hechlik, E.(u), & Sarmiento, H.(u) – Co-authors

“Inoculating Against Psychological Reactance: A Psychophysiological Investigation”

*Recognized in the Top Paper Session in the Communication and Social Cognition Division


Svitlana Jaroszynski – Author

“Language of “Revival and Renewal”: The Power of Zelenskyy’s Bilingualism”


Donna Nudd – Author

“Inviting Understanding: Invitational Rhetoric as Conflict Management”


Donna Nudd – Author

Terry Galloway – Co-author

“Creative Flexibility”


Sean Sawicki – Author

“At the Crossroads of Ethnicity and Education: Exploring the Unique Challenges of University Students from Varied Ethnic and Cultural Backgrounds”


Jessica Wendorf Muhamad – Author

“Honoring Community: Advocating for Liberation Through Community-Centered Scholarship”