CCI Students Shine at FSU’s Annual Leadership Awards Night

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On Tuesday, April 10, students, faculty, and organizations from all over Florida State University gathered to celebrate the extraordinary leadership happening campus-wide. The Division of Student Affairs sponsored this wonderful evening which honored individuals as well as organizations for their hard work in demonstrating and executing leadership throughout the FSU community.

The College of Communication and Information is home to many of the students, faculty members, and organizations that were recognized. The following is a summary of the students, faculty members, and organizations that were honored at the Leadership Awards Night that are part of CCI.

Media and Communication student, Mariapia Rueda, was chosen for the undergraduate academic leadership award (pictured at the top on the left), along with the graduate recipient Ana Ndumu who is working towards her Ph.D. at the iSchool (pictured at the top on the right).

The Dean’s Cup is awarded to students who strongly demonstrate the eight principles of the Seminole Creed: Truthfulness, Respect, Excellence, Freedom of Speech and Inquiry, Diversity, Justice, Citizenship, and Discovery. Advertising student, Caleb Dawkins, is the recipient of this award (pictured above).









The Outstanding Student Leaders of the Year Awards were given to students who go above and beyond in their student activities involvement. Annalise Torres, who studies Information, Communication, and Technology, was one of the recipients of this award (pictured above on the left).

The Leadership Awards Night also recognized students who have made major contributions to the university in leadership or service through the Student Seminole Awards, one of which was presented to Public Relations student Pat Shafer (pictured above on the right).

The Sports Club of the Year Award was given to Men’s Ultimate Frisbee, led by captain Josh Goraum, an Information Technology student.







The Advisor of the Year Award is given to an employee who voluntarily contributes exceptional time and expertise to a student organization at FSU. This year, CCI’s Associate Dean, Ebe Randeree, received this award (pictured above on the left). Professor Randeree also advises FSU CCI’s STARS Alliance, which was given the Mary B. Coburn Student Organization of the Year Award (pictured above on the right). This award is granted to an organization that contributes to areas of service and leadership in extraordinary ways.

The Artes Award is presented to an organization that exhibits excellence in scholastic work. It was awarded to the Vietnamese Student Association which is led by their president, Nathaniel Chin, a student at the iSchool (pictured on the right).

The College of Communication and Information would like to congratulate and thank all of our remarkable individuals, faculty members, and organizations that never stop making CCI shine.