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Chapa’s research quoted by Latina Mom Bloggers

Dr. Sindy Chapa
Dr. Sindy Chapa

Food is the cornerstone of many cultures and traditions. Sindy Chapa, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication, recently conducted a study that found the majority of Latina mothers (over 80%) value passing down family history to their children through cooking.

Authentic ingredients like Mazola Corn Oil help generations follow the recipes passed down by their mothers and grandmothers. More than half of the mothers in the study agreed it was risky to change ingredients in recipes handed down from past generations.

Chapa’s research was quoted earlier this week by an article Globe Newswire, Survey of Latina Moms Spotlights Sentiment That Cooking With Authentic Ingredients Promotes Tradition in Recipes. Her research was in partnership with the Latina Mom Bloggers and supported by ACH Food Companies, Inc.