Header image for Florida’s iSchool unveils new leadership for #1 ranked School Media program

Florida’s iSchool unveils new leadership for #1 ranked School Media program

Florida’s iSchool unveils new leadership for #1 ranked School Media program

Focus will use new leadership approaches to innovate and reimagine K-12 school technology leadership

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – February 3, 2015 – The iSchool at Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information today announced that it will launch a new initiative, “Educational Informatics” as it continues to grow its innovative programs in K-12 learning.  The effort will be led by Dr. Marcia Mardis, who was recently named as the Coordinator of Educational Informatics.

Marcia Mardis

An emerging area of study in information science, University of Sheffield (UK) researcher Nigel Ford described educational informatics as “representing the convergence of aspects of information science, computing, education, instructional systems technology, and learning sciences.” Because in both its Library and Information Studies and Information Technology degrees FSU’s School of Information is committed to making vital connections between people and information, the School’s work in the area of technology in K-12 education (e.g., school librarianship, digital learning resources, technology leadership) lends itself perfectly to an informatics lens. According to the school director, Dr. Kathy Burnett, “We are in a unique position to contribute to redefining and expanding the opportunities for information professionals in the K-12 educational context.”

In addition to overseeing our existing school library media program operations as an educational informaticist, Dr. Mardis will be developing a plan to increase the visibility and engagement in K-12 school media and technology leadership, and provide new school technology leadership opportunities for our current master’s students and alumni.

According to Dr. Mardis, “The School of Information has the distinction of being the nation’s #1 ranked U.S. program in school library media education. Because our program and faculty in this area are so strong and cohesive, it only makes sense to leverage this solid foundation to extend our renowned educational offerings with additional opportunities to engage K-12 education’s leaders responsible for planning, implementing, evaluation and promoting technology in 21st century learning environments. With Florida at the forefront of digital textbooks, ubiquitous learning, and kids’ ICT fluency, FSU’s iSchool must lead the way.”

A former school librarian, school administrator, technology director and networking researcher, Dr. Mardis brings a unique blend of recognized accomplishments and experiences to this role. She has not only written widely on topics relating to learning resources and their implementation, but also has worked internationally to develop two universities’ educational capacities in K-12 technology leadership; shared her ideas with local, state, national, and international audiences; and secured $17 million in federal grant money to support K-12 educational informatics-related research and development.

About the iSchool

Founded in 1947, the School of Information (Florida’s iSchool) has been preparing professionals to make vital connections between people and information ever since. Their programs are consistently top-ranked in the nation and have been for many years. U.S. News & World Report recently ranked the MLIS program #13 overall, #1 in school library media, #5 in youth services, and #11 in digital libraries.

The FSU School of Information offers two majors within the Bachelor’s in Information Technology (BSIT); two master’s degree programs available entirely online: an ALA-accredited Master’s of Science/Master’s of Art in Library and Information Science (MLIS) and a Master’s of Science in Information Technology (MSIT); and specialist and doctoral degrees. In addition, graduate-level certificate programs are offered in Information Architecture, Leadership and Management, Reference Services, School Library Media Leadership, and Youth Services.


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