iSchool Professor Dr. Zhe He Elected as Chair-Elect of AMIA’s Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Working Group

School of Information (iSchool) Professor and eHealth Lab director Dr. Zhe He was elected as Chair-Elect of the American Medical Informatics Association’s (AMIA) Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDDM) Working Group on December 15, 2023. He has been an AMIA member since 2009, served as the Secretary of the KDDM Working Group from 2020 to 2022, and held the position of Vice Chair of the KDDM Working Group in 2023. Additionally, in 2022, He was inducted as a Fellow of AMIA.

AMIA connects a diverse community of professionals and students interested in informatics, AMIA Working Group functions as a network where members can exchange information on a particular area of special interest in biomedical and health informatics. KDDM focuses on extracting meaningful patterns from biomedical data using automated computational and statistical tools and techniques on large datasets. AMIA has over 5,000 informatics professionals and KDDM Working Group has over 600 members globally–consisting of tech leaders from pharmaceutical companies and researchers from national labs and academic institutions.

“Being elected to Chair-Elect of KDDM Working Group means that my contribution to the field is recognized by my peers internationally. More importantly, I am excited to work with colleagues to grow the KDDM community in AMIA” said He. “My mission is to advance population health and improve biomedical research with collection, analysis, and applications of biomedical data with informatics.”

As an iSchool professor, He shared that his election will increase visibility for Florida State University, College of Communication and Information, and School of Information “in the field of biomedical and health informatics, helping us attract more talented researchers and students to join our School. It will also provide more opportunities for our students to participate in or help organize various academic events.”

He recognizes the continued growth of artificial intelligence as a powerful tool for health, making a real impact. He tells students interested in tech, “What we are doing now will advance biomedicine and make people healthier in the future. It is the best time to join the workforce of health IT [Information Technology].”

iSchool’s eHealth Lab is always looking for talented students. If you are interested, please email Dr. He, explaining why and how you want to contribute to their research programs.