McDowell Quoted on Topic of Net Neutrality

The term “Net Neutrality” has been discussed on all forms of media outlets. Last week, Stephen McDowell, Associate Dean and John H. Phipps Professor of Communication, joined Steve-McDowell-199x300the conversation. McDowell commented on Obama’s Internet proposal on an article for WFSU news.

The article “Startups Love Obama’s Internet Proposal, But Cable Industry Calls It ‘Draconian,’” covers the response to President Barack Obama proposed reclassification of the Internet as a public utility. McDowell says: “In a sense it’s a different set of rules, but it’s meant to promote competition and promote service and promote access.”

Obama wants to keep Internet content flowing freely, by asking the FCC to allow more regulation of service providers. The main cable companies like Comcast, and Internet backbone providers like Verizon are ones in question.

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