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Merle pens editoral for the Orlando Sentinel



In May, School of Communication professor Patrick Merle penned a guest editorial for the Orlando Sentinel. Merle, who served as an international journalist years, wrote about a healthy democracy’s need for uncensored media.

Healthy, tolerant society needs satire touched on recent Charlie Hebdo attacks and controversial representations of the Prophet Muhammad. Merle argues that censorship is not the answer.

“The current discussion provides an opportunity for the press to delineate more transparently its objectives, making it clear for citizens that referencing religion even in satirical tones plays a primordial part in the development of a tolerant society.”

Merle is a French native, formerly involved in international news for global news organizations and still freelancing in journalism and public relations, Patrick Merle studies media effect with an emphasis on political and international perspectives. Find him on Twitter @patrickmerle.