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iSchool Alumnus Demetrius Solomon discovers mission at Mayo Clinic

What’s it like to work as an IT Project Analyst at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida? Information Technology alum Demetrius Solomon can fill you in on his day-to-day routine, and give you academic insight as to how to get there.

Demetrius Solomon graduated in the summer of 2013, ready to take on the growing industry and rapid development of software, hardware and information technology. He knew the skills he learned in FSU’s IT program would serve him in diverse industries–and it was up to him to decide where he wanted to thrive.

“I didn’t have a job when I graduated, so I really had to evaluate where I wanted to work and what type of organization I would feel comfortable at,” he said.

After interviewing with numerous companies in different fields, Solomon finally interviewed with the Mayo Clinic.

“Once I heard about the exciting cutting edge projects and technologies that were being used here to help forward that mission I WAS SOLD. I knew I could make a difference here immediately even though I am not directly in the hospital working with patients and providing care,” Demetrius said.

Beginning as an Application Specialist, Solomon was able to work with the team that worked to develop software. He was exposed to top-tier patient care and realized instantly that he could thrive in the innovative and compassionate culture at Mayo Clinic.

In Demetrius’ current position as an IT Project Analyst, he gets pulled in different directions everyday with unique projects.

“Depending on who I am working with I could be in on helping plan out on tracking software for a new building development, doing reports, resource forecasting, and data analytics, even implementing new IT programs clinic wide,” he explains.

Solomon is also responsible for meeting management and presentations, helping the team decide what tasks need to be prioritized for the day. In the next 5 years, Demetrius plans to be in Product Management, Project Management or Marketing Management with his rich background in communication, research, web design, JAVA/PHP and database structure from FSU.

“I like the idea of bringing the idea to life, and getting things off the ground, aligning the proper resources and providing an outline to get things done quickly. Technology is always changing and I love to find ways to leverage technology to make things more efficient. That what I really enjoy about IT and what has really driven me down this path,” Solomon says.

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