Professor Shares Cyberbullying Research Across Europe

Written by Dr. Shuyuan Ho.

Dr. Ho's presentationAssociate Professor Shuyuan Mary Ho of FSU School of Information presented her research, “Charged language on Twitter: A predictive model of cyberbullying to prevent victimization,” in Munich, Germany, in December 2019. Dr. Ho gave a presentation at the Workshop on Information Security and Privacy as part of the International Conference on Information Systems.

Cyberbullying can be seen as the online equivalent to face-to-face bullying, and these bullies abuse victims in public and private social forums. Cyberbullying is not a crime but can cause victims’ mental health issues, depression and lead to suicidal attempts.

Adopting routine activity theory, Dr. Ho collected 140,000 lines of tweets to generate a predictive analytics model for identifying a predilection for cyberbullying based on the charged language employed in social media forums. The research results showed high potency and high predictive power in identifying cyberbullying – using the logistic regression predictive model based on 10 language-action cues for detecting cyberbullying on Twitter. The importance of this research cannot be ignored, and Dr. Ho emphasized that the resulting outcome and the predictive approach “can provide early warning mechanisms for parental mediation and/or mitigation agencies, including school counselors, online bystanders, and law enforcement agencies.”

This line of research also has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the Digital Forensics Research Workshop in Europe (DFRWS), held in London, UK during March 2020 – with the title, “Detecting cyberbullying “hotspots” on Twitter: A predictive analytics approach.” This paper reinforces the cyberbullying predictive model research by using a totally different dataset collected from Twitter to confirm the predictive model. Stay tuned!

Dr. Ho also served as an associate editor and paper session chair for the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS’19). She was impressed with the creativity as well as the wide range and scope of research fostered by the information systems research community.

The AIS Special Interest Group of Information Security & Privacy (SIGSEC) ( organizes annual meetings at ICIS, AMCIS ECIS, and PACIS – with the goal of fostering interdisciplinary research in information security, assurance, digital forensics, privacy, and information system risk management and auditing.

Dr. Shuyuan Mary Ho is an internationally known cybersecurity expert and an associate professor at Florida State University School of Information. She has over twenty years of professional system engineering, research and teaching experience in information systems security, as well as developing cybersecurity solutions for large corporations and government sectors. Dr. Ho maintains the following certifications; CISSP from (ISC)2, Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX), CRISC, and CISM from ISACA, Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) from Palo Alto Networks, as well as an MBA and a Ph.D. in information science and technology. She is a certified trainer for ISACA CSX and a certified academy instructor for Palo Alto Networks.

Dr. Ho’s research has been funded by U.S. National Science Foundation, Florida Center for Cybersecurity, Florida State University Council of Research and Creativity, and The Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center (ICRC) at Tel Aviv University. For more information about Dr. Ho’s research, please visit: