SLIS appoints interim director

Florida State University’s College of Communication & Information (CCI) Dean Larry Dennis announced Tuesday that Dr. Kathleen Burnett will serve as the interim director of the School of Library & Information Studies (SLIS).

Dr. Kathleen Burnett

Dr. Burnett,  a professor at SLIS has served in many roles within the School during her time at FSU.  She was associate dean from 1998-2004 under Dean Jane B. Robbins.  From 2002-2006 she led Project Athena, a multi-institutional initiative funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).  Project Athena developed and demonstrated a student-centered recruitment model. Doctoral students funded through this initiative currently hold tenure line faculty positions at the University of Illinois, Syracuse University, Simmons University, University of South Carolina, St. Catherine’s University, Iowa State University, and FSU.  Dr. Burnett has a strong record of funded research, including grants from the IMLS and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Her areas of research are: LIS education, the development of disciplinary identity in LIS; and the incorporation of human and social information behavior research in the development of socio-technical systems.

She replaces Dr. Corinne Jörgensen, who served as the first director of the School following the 2009 merger.  Dr. Jörgensen recently stepped down following her three year term to focus on her research.  She will initially focus on expanding her research initiatives and assisting the dean with developing interdisciplinary programs.  In thanking Dr. Jörgensen for her efforts, Dean Dennis noted that “over the last six years Corinne has poured her heart and soul into the school and the college, administered the development of the school over the course of very challenging financial times and advanced the careers of many faculty and students.  She will be very hard to replace.”