Three CCI professors nominated for Transformation through Teaching award

The Transformation through Teaching program was established by Florida State University’s Spiritual Life Project. Their goal is to nurture students’ search for meaning, purpose, and authenticity in life. Through the Transformation Through Teaching program, the group focuses on honoring full-time faculty that have had an intellectual, inspirational, and integrative impact on the lives of their students. This year three of the twelve professors nominated were from the College of Communication and Information.

Professors Felecia Jordan Jackson, Mark Zeigler, and Christy Chatmon were chosen for this distinction after their students sent compelling stories about their experiences to the Spiritual Life Project.

Dr. Jackson’s teaching interests include Interpersonal, Interracial, Intercultural and Nonverbal Communication. Professor Ziegler’s teachings focus on the Fundamentals of Speech, Public Speaking and Contemporary Human Communication. Both professors have worked at Florida State for over 20 years. Chatmon has been teaching for over 17 years and covers Information Technology, Database Management Systems, Professional Development, Computer Security, and Programming in her teachings.

Last year one professor, Patrick Merle, from the College of Communication and Information was nominated.