Mardis bringing STEM solutions to school librarians

Dr. Marcia Mardis, assistant professor at the School of Library and Information Studies, was featured once again on UpNext, the official blog of the Institute of Museum and Library Studies, in her role as principal investigator of the Digital Libraries to School Libraries (DL2SL) project.

The project offers solutions for school librarians, who are pressed to provide high-quality, exciting, curriculum-linked materials to students and teachers during challenging economic times. As part of DL2SL, Mardis and her team have created Web2MARC—a fast, intuitive, and accurate tool for adding free digital resources (websites, images, interactives, videos, and other media) found on the Internet to the school library collection.

Managing a school’s collection is a huge responsibility for school librarians. With Web2MARC, librarians can make records for favorite resources “on the fly” or explore and tailor one of its pre-populated MARC records for high-quality STEM learning multimedia resources from producers like PBS, the National Science Foundation’s National Science Digital Library (NSDL), and Utah State University’s National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. And it’s already optimized for an iPad or an iPhone!

Learn more and watch a video about how it works.