School of Communication Grad Student is Finalist for M4 Competition

School of Communication graduate student Steven Pope is one of two CCI students selected as a finalist in the Master’s in Four Competition on April 4, 2019, in the FSU Student Life Building Auditorium hosted through The Graduate School at Florida State University.

The Master’s in Four (M4) Contest is a competition in which contestants have four minutes and four powerpoint slides to present their research. The M4 places emphasis on research that requires images and this works in Pope’s favor. “Seeing as my research is rooted in analyzing illustrations,” Pope explains, “The M4 contest provides the perfect format to place emphasis on the visual depictions.”

Pope’s research identifies the overlooked premises put forth in drawings by the Hibakusha: the survivors of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. “This project is important for everyone looking to better understand the different ways victims of a traumatic event memorialize their experience. …I will admit, studying the Hibakusha’s illustrations was difficult at times considering the nature of their survival. However, if we ignore the experiences of those who have survived traumatic events, we in turn neglect to recognize the importance of their testimonial account.”

Each of the illustrations analyzed were found in a book titled Unforgettable Fire put together by the Japanese Broadcast Corporation.

Once the M4 is over, Pope looks forward to finishing his last semester at Florida State and to continuing his education to reach his ultimate career goal. “After this semester, I will attend a doctoral program to follow up on my trauma rhetoric research and take the next steps toward becoming a university professor.”