WCTV news features story on CCI girls’ technology camp

The College of Communication and Information (CCI) hosted a week-long tech camp from Jun. 17-21 for middle school girls from the local community.  The camp served as a way to urge the girls to take an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

Victoria Rice, one of the tech camp instructors, who also has teaching experience, commented, “Right now I teach 20% female, so we’re trying to get these girls started at a younger age.  By getting them interested, and showing that they can do it, it really demonstrates to them that this isn’t just a male field.”

The tech camp program teaches participants basic technology skills, which includes web-design, coding, game design, and robotics.

Throughout the year, CCI runs multiple outreach events, which inspire young students within the community to pursue STEM education.

See WCTV short video news coverage of the camp

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