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Children’s Campaign Platform for CCI Success

The Tallahassee based non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, The Children’s Campaign, advocates for public policies that promote the health, education, safety and welfare of Florida’s children. By engaging diverse citizens in a nonpartisan manner, The Children’s Campaign creates positive outcomes through collective collaboration and cooperation. The initiative for Florida’s youth heavily involves both the public and private sectors, who are able to make real improvements within rules and regulations of Florida’s children.

In 2007, The Children’s Campaign launched The Apprenticeship Center (TAC). TAC was created to support Tallahassee Community in the areas of Information Technology, Public Policy, Communications and Management. Since it’s inception, dozens of students from the College of Communication and Information (CCI) have gained invaluable experience through TAC. Currently, nine CCI students in Information Technology and Communication hold apprenticeships at TAC.

  •  Joey Cardenas – Systems Administrator Apprentice
  • Megan Denny – Communication Apprentice
  • Dustin Fitzgerald – Database Apprentice
  • Jee Hoon Kim – Systems Administrator Apprentice
  • Tiffany McGlinchey – Digital Media Apprentice
  • LaRue Pierce, Web Development Apprentice
  • Mark Sterrenberg – Technology Apprentice
  • Andrew Stone – Database Apprentice
  • Megan Valent – Communications Apprentice
  • Nathaniel Worrell – Web Development Apprentice

On June 3rd, The Children’s Campaign celebrated the opening of their new space on 111 S. Magnolia Drive.

“The opportunity to celebrate the new apprenticeship center with students from the different departments was great!” said Shelby Hobbs of the Florida IT Career Alliance (FITC). Shelby added that “Children’s Campaign has been a partner with FITC for the past year and has support FSU students and attended career fairs.”

“The Children’s Campaign has helped me apply and utilize my classroom knowledge in the real world. I have been learning a lot more while working on projects. Also, I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with, they are simply amazing,” said Jee Hoon Kim, Information Technology student.

“The Children’s Campaign has given me hope. It has given me an opportunity to learn and grow within an organization that truly cares about its people. I plan to take the knowledge I’ve gained while here and use it in my future career. I’m forever grateful to be a part of the Children’s Campaign family,” shared LaRue Pierce, Information Technology student.

DSC_0656-e1432148731953“The Children’s Campaign has given me the opportunity to gain real work experience and the confidence I need to enter the workforce,” shared Tiffany McGlinchey, Communication student.

Linda Alexionok, Executive Director of the Children’s Campaign, also serves on the Board of Directors for the College of Communication and Information. Her relationship with CCI has proved invaluable to current students and CCI alumni that have worked with the organization over the last few years.

According to Ebe Randeree, Associate Dean at CCI, “the partnership has benefited both parties: Children’s Campaign completes valuable advocacy work and our students both in CCI and across the university get opportunities to intern and learn valuable/practical skills. Linda has been a partner with the College for a decade. Some of our most successful alumni can trace their start back to interning with the Campaign.”

“We live in a mobile/global society driven by technology. How successful individuals, businesses, communities and governments are in effectively utilizing technology will determine the quality of life and economic opportunity,” Linda says.

Interested in an apprenticeship? Simply email your resume to resumes@iamforkids.org. Only candidates with strong initiative, determination and cooperation will be considered. The abilities to communicate effectively and organize efficiently are required. Desired skills include WordPress knowledge and a basic understanding of database concepts. To learn more about The Children’s Campaign, visit their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.