Information Institute E-government report shows Florida ahead of the curve

The Information Use Management and Policy Institute (Information Institute) at Florida State University, College of Communication and Information, has been involved in the assessment and development of E-government services in public libraries for a number of years. The Information Institute recently completed an E-government study, with the goal to assist public librarians, especially in Florida, in the provision of E-government services, and to work collaboratively with Pasco County Public Library Cooperative’s (PCLC) E-government initiative.  

The project included three tasks:

(1)   determine possible content, organization, and design factors for a statewide public library E-government web portal, and provide a usability/functionality/accessibility assessment of the E-government web portal developed by the Pasco County Public Library Cooperative (PCLC);

(2)   develop a statewide evaluation strategy for all the various E-government awards the State Library & Archives of Florida (State Library) has made for 2009-2010 using Library Service and Technology Act (LSTA) funds; and

(3)   specify E-government service roles such that those service roles can be used for practical application in public libraries.

The final report, written by Charles R. McClure, PhD, Bradley Wade Bishop, PhD, Lauren H. Mandel, and John T. Snead, PhD, highlights the fact that Florida remains ahead of the curve.  Florida’s E-government Workgroup Wiki is an example of a statewide effort on the American Library Association’s E-government Toolkit.  This national recognition shows that Florida continues as a national leader in E-government efforts. 

For more information on this project, see the project abstract and project reports (first and second interim reports and the final report).