Information Institute to partner on IMLS National Leadership Grant

The Information Use & Policy Management Institute will partner on an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership Grant titled, “Libraries and E-Government: New Partnerships in Public Service,” along with the American Library Association, the University of Illinois, and the University of Maryland.

The award of $581,609, with matching funds of $583,155, falls into the category of “Demonstration,” which “support projects that produce a replicable model or practice that is usable by other institutions for improving services and performance.”

The partners will develop a Web-based resource to help libraries and governments provide better e-government–related services such as filing taxes, applying for citizenship, enrolling children in schools, and applying for social services. The project will enable greater coordination between government agencies and libraries, reduce costly duplication of effort, and provide a more comprehensive model for serving users of e-government.

The Web-based resource will include useful content, tutorials, best practice recommendations, an embedded government information digital reference service, guidance on the provision of e-government services, an online forum for service providers to share and exchange information, and tools to facilitate local customization of e-government services provision in libraries. The project will design, develop, and test the Web-based resource in coordination with multiple states and public libraries.