MECLABS Scholarship awarded to Katherine Cook

Each year, Florida State University offers thousands of dollars in scholarships to students.  One of the recently added scholarships offered for the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program is the MECLABS Fellowship.

The scholarship  is funded by MECLABS, the world’s largest research institute which is dedicated to discovering how people make choices.  MECLABS, based in Jacksonville, is a science lab that uses real-world research to help business leaders get better use out of sales and marketing technology and resources, including Internet marketing, website optimization, and lead generation and nurturing. We have been involved in direct research partnerships with companies throughout Europe and North America since 2001.

The MECLABS Fellowship was established in 2014 to support full time students that are currently enrolled in the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) graduate program with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Currently, MECLABS employs 17 Florida State graduates, making up 12% of the MECLABS team.

  • Selena Blue, Partnership Content Manager
  • Zachary Carlson, Research Manager
  • Samuel Caruso, Research Analyst
  • John Cockburn, Senior Business Intelligence Manager
  • Kathleen Davis, Event Specialist
  • William Duke, Marketing Manager
  • Erin Fagin, Senior Research Manager
  • Benjamin Filip, Senior Manager: Data Sciences
  • Michael Groszek, Senior Business Intelligence Manager
  • Ashley Hanania, Associate Director: Service Operations
  • Brittany Long, Optimization Manager
  • Jason McCreary, Developer
  • Rebekah Rich, Administrative Assistant
  • Alexandra Richards, Marketing Manager
  • Derek Snow, Research Manager
  • Zachary Tamurian, Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Amy Tulley, Research Manager
Katherine Cook (left), MECLABS Fellowship Winner
Katherine Cook (left), MECLABS Fellowship Winner

The 2014-2015 recipient, Katherine Cook (on left), was honored at the Scholarship and Awards Reception on October 2nd, 2014.