SCSD Alumna Denisha Campbell Awarded Research Scholarship

School of Communication of Science and Disorders (SCSD) doctoral student Denisha Campbell received the 2024 Plural Research Scholarship Award on behalf of Plural Publishing and the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Science and Disorders. Campbell says, “receiving this award is not only a tremendous honor but also a validation for the hard work and dedication I have put into my research. I am so deeply grateful for the recognition and support from the entire team at Plural.”

The Plural Research Scholarship Award is granted to a student by Angie Singh, President and CEO of Plural Publishing, Inc., in honor of her late husband’s legacy. Campbell received notice that she was awarded this honor through a heartfelt letter from Singh thanking her for her dedication and hard work. She emphasized, “Dr. Singh’s emphasis on education and his commitment to supporting groundbreaking research is truly inspiring, and I am humbled to be considered a part of his legacy.”

Campbell is currently engaged in analyzing people’s experiences for a significant research project known as a dissertation. Additionally, she is teaching English in a foreign country as part of the Fulbright Scholar program. She will soon begin a postdoctoral scholar position with the Learning Disabilities Research Consortium in the Florida Center for Reading Research, continuing to lend a hand in increasing language and literacy among children from largely minoritized backgrounds.

Through Florida State’s SCSD doctoral program, Campbell has been provided with a lot of exposure to different avenues in education and provided strategies to address some of the issues individuals face. She utilizes evidence-based tools to study different concerns in systemic and credible ways and says, “Having the opportunity to access so many experts was truly an honor, and I feel like I’ve been trained well to go out and be a collaborative and rigorous researcher in any of the career spaces I may land in”.

Campbell believes this scholarship will impact her in the SCSD doctoral program, as a tremendous financial aid to help her continue to disseminate the findings of her research. Additionally, the scholarship will help Campbell to expand on her findings and be able to better inform the broader community of practitioners within the field of speech language pathology.

Campbell’s determination to utilize her research and findings to improve literacy education within the United States will continue to push in a positive direction upon the support of the 2024 Plural Research Scholarship Award.