CCI Graduate Student Abigail Sage Recognized with 2022 Graduate Student Excellence in Visual Arts Award

CCI graduate student Abigail Sage was recently recognized for her creative ability with the 2022 Graduate Student Excellence in Visual Arts Award. 

The award is given to applicants who show great proficiency and artistic ability in visual arts. Additionally, applicants are judged on the message that their artwork conveys. Recipients of the award will be honored at the Celebration of Graduate Student Excellence awards in April. The work submitted by the honorees will be showcased in the Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House for a year.

The piece that Sage chose to submit has been in the works for many months. She started this piece in March 2020, during the initial outbreak of the pandemic. It took her several months to finish. Sage told CCI that art is a huge passion of hers. I greatly appreciate this recognition because though I haven’t pursued a career in visual art, I have always considered myself an artist. I love expressing myself creatively, “she said. “I worked very hard on this drawing. It’s one of my favorites and I’m glad others like it too.”

Sage is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Information Science, as well as a certificate in Library Youth Services. After receiving her degree, she plans to become a librarian in a public or school library. Sage plans to continue her passion for art after graduation in the form of creative book displays and other decorations.

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