Gary Burnett and Julia Skinner selected for 2013 ALISE Featured Presentation

Professor Gary Burnett and doctoral student Julia Skinner of the FSU School of Library & Information Studies have been selected for a “Featured Presentation” at the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) 2013 Annual Conference in Seattle, WA.

Their panel presentation “Questions Are Never Neutral: Examining the Occupy and Tea Party Movements as Exemplars of Information Research and Everyday (Political) Life” with co-presenters Jessa Lingel (Rutgers University) and John M. Budd (University of Missouri) was chosen through a juried selection process as one of four to be featured throughout the conference. It concentrates on the rhetoric and discourse of the Tea Party and Occupy Movements for an examination of information as being deeply political; the result will be a presentation of methods, discursive practices, and ramifications for education in the context of personal, informational politics.

FSU doctoral program alumna Laurie Bonnici (University of Alabama) and Stephanie Maatta (Wayne State University) are on another panel selected for a featured conference presentation.