Assistant System Manager

Job Opening

An assistant system manager position in the Department of Mathematics is now open. Terms: 20 hours per week OPS, $14/hour. Hours per week somewhat negotiable, but must be in the morning.

The primary focus of this position is faculty and staff computer support. Most of our users have Macintosh computers, though frequent interactions with Windows and UNIX occur. Other duties will consist of a wide variety of computer related work, including Mac/UNIX/Windows administration, network administration, security related tasks, product testing and evaluation, computer assembly and repair, etc. Occasional minor physical labor is to be expected (i.e. moving equipment, running cables, inventory tasks, etc.). We are looking for a personable, motivated, and technically adept person to become a part of our system administration group.

  • Required:Must be a highly experienced computer user. Must have experience providing user support. Must have interest in further developing system administration skills.
  • Strongly desired:Macintosh and Windows experience. Administration experience in a multi-user scenario. Network experience (LAN setup and maintenance, WAN configuration issues, etc.). Programming skills.
  • Desired:UNIX experience, advanced user or administrative. Hardware skills (minor repair, diagnostics, board installation, etc.).

If interested, contact Mickey Boyd via email using this special address:

Please include a brief plain text resume in the body of the email (no HTML, no Word documents, no attachments, no web resumes). What I want is a list of technical skills, recent job references, and pertinent FSU computer courses taken (list instructor names if possible). A formal (pretty) resume document is not desired. Finally, if you are a student, describe your status (grad/undergrad, major, estimated graduation semester).

The care with which applicants follow the directions in the previous paragraph will have an immediate and profound effect on the chance of being interviewed. Read the directions carefully, nothing will be gained by rushing your response. Qualified candidates will receive interviews over the next few weeks. Please remember to include an email address at which you can reliably be reached.

Thank you for your cooperation.