Database Intern

Pinnacle Education Database and Reporting Opportunity
Pinnacle Education ( is a start-up company that provides surveys to elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as to teachers and parents. The company is currently looking to refine its technology capabilities using a Sequel Server Express technology stack.
A potential candidate will possess the following skills:
1. Creating an upload process for survey data to be entered into the database.
2. Creating data structures and database tables.
3. Writing queries and creating simple analytics (e.g., identifying high scores, low scores, calculating averages, etc.) to run across the data set to populate the data into summary tables.
4. Creating reports using Sequel Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

In an ideal situation the identified resource will be available for ongoing work and be open to steady employment as the start-up becomes more capitalized. Current pay will be commensurate with experience and FSU undergraduate/graduate student pay scales.

To apply, please send resume to:
Joseph R. Sasson, Ph.D.