Cataloging and Collection Development Intern

Job Title: Cataloging and Collection Development Intern
The International Center for Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma (ICMGLT) is offering an internship opportunity for students pursuing a graduate degree in Library and Information Science. The ICMGLT is building a virtual library in support of its mission to facilitate
multidimensional, multidisciplinary, national, and international, comparative, integrative dialogue among clinicians, trauma survivors, and their families, policymakers, social scientists, and scholars in other relevant fields to:

1) Raise awareness of the universal importance and ubiquitous suffering incurred through multigenerational legacies of trauma
2) Find ways to prevent its destructive legacies from being perpetuated across succeeding generations
3) Utilize informed, stigma-free advocacy to raise sociocultural awareness of and commitment to preventing trauma and its complex lifelong and multigenerational effects

Learn more about ICMGLT here:

The internship will focus on the development of library policy and practices and on assembling and managing a group of cataloging volunteers as they follow an existing guide to catalog the library’s collection. The intern will also catalog some of the library’s materials and perform
quality control on the work of the volunteers. This is an exciting opportunity for graduate students interested in cataloging and collection development and in developing leadership skills!

This internship also involves outreach to external organizations, institutions, universities, and support groups to collaborate in creating a new vocabulary for intergenerational trauma. We would welcome a proactive, creative individual to identify and improve the library’s collection, resources, and collaborations.

This internship can be completed remotely and hours are flexible. The successful applicant can complete this internship for field experience credit. The internship will begin in the Fall semester of 2023. The number of hours expected to be completed over the semester will be
negotiated based on the requirements for credit field experience at the prospective intern’s graduate school.

Requirements: – Students must be a graduate student studying either library and/or information science. – Students must have some knowledge of RDA and/or have completed a cataloging class.

The application cutoff date is August 15th, 2023. Please send your resume, a brief statement of
interest, and a short description of your cataloging training/experience to Ayda Donne