Florida Virtual Campus – Library Internship Available for Fall Semester 2022


Florida Virtual Campus, Library Services, Digital Services, and OER

The Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) serves all of Florida’s public postsecondary institutions within the Florida College System (FCS), the State University System (SUS), and K-12 school districts. FLVC provides educational support services for these institutions and their campuses.

FLVC’s Library Services Division provides the centralized, automated library system used by Florida’s 40 public colleges and universities. Additionally, we provide a shared catalog and a statewide collection of online journals, e-books, and other valuable e-resources.

FLVC’s Distance Learning and Student Services Division provide online tools, training, and other support services for students and educators throughout the state.

Website: libraries.flvc.org

Accepting applications

Salary/Compensation: Unpaid internship; can earn 3 semester credit hours

Appointment type:
Summer – 10-13 weeks internship appointment, depending on student’s schedule

1753 W Paul Dirac Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32310, Tallahassee FLVC Location Preferred, Telework may be possible

Work schedule:
Any period during Full-time schedule 8am-5pm – Flextime availability if needed.

Contact: Rebel Cummings-Sauls, rsauls@flvc.org, Director of Digital Services and OER

How to apply: email resume to contact, rsauls@flvc.org

Unit: Digital Services and Open Educational Resources

The mission of the Digital Services and Open Educational Resources unit of the Florida Virtual Campus Library Services is to provide high-quality, affordable, and collaborative resources and services for Florida public postsecondary institutions that enhance learning, teaching, and research through facilitated access to a user-centric, open access treasury of unique cultural heritage materials, education resources, textbooks, scholarly communications, and original research.

Internship Duties

The Florida Virtual Campus Intern program invites undergraduate or graduate students to gain experience with the OPEN FL community across the state on promotion of open and affordable educational resources in higher education. Working under the direction of the Director of Digital Services and Open Education Resources, this internship will facilitate the development of an OER Student Ambassador Program. United States citizens currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school are invited to apply for consideration.

The primary goal of OPEN FL, https://falsc.libguides.com/openfl, is to provide and promote quality and affordable access to Florida higher education by creating a consortium of Florida colleges and universities to collaborate on developing, implementing, and providing discovery to open educational resources (OER) throughout high impact degree pathways. Secondary, central efforts will 1) facilitate systematic identification and updates of OER, 2) address barriers to adoption, 3) support OER programs and implementation efforts, and 4) lay the foundation for a sustainable OER state network. Coordinating OER efforts across Florida public institutions of higher education enables us to curate, modify, develop, review, and disseminate OER that meet quality, accessibility, licensing, technical, and student learning outcomes (SLO) in a unified structure that allows for inclusion and growth. The sustainable goal will be to create an OER community and infrastructure that perpetuates OER development, proliferation, and research through the state.

To support the OPEN FL community the selected candidate will plan and coordinate the development of a new OER Student Ambassador Program to build and strengthen student OER advocacy at FL public post-secondary institutions. The candidate will work with DS+OER staff to launch and facilitate the initiation and growth of this new advocacy group. Upon successful launch, the candidate will conduct program communication and collaboration over their internship and prepare the group for sustainability. The candidate will produce a final report that details their efforts and provide feedback and recommendations for the group moving forward.

Experience/Skills Needed:

Bachelor’s degree or similar experience (i.e., a high school diploma or equivalent with four (4) years of relevant experience).

Proficiency with office productivity software (MS Word, Excel, etc.).

Careful attention to detail.

Ability to communicate in written and online environments.

Knowledge of online collaboration tools, (ex: Teams, Zoom, etc.) and ability to work collaboratively in a virtual environment.

Ability to work effectively both in the context of the team and independently under self-direction.